Saturday, December 10, 2011


CACI kindly brought Mallow by, and we're going to foster him for a while to see how he and Claire gel, and as he regains his strength. He can't walk for any length of time, his muscles are weak and degenerated from lack of exercise, so this morning Claire and I went off for a walk. On my way home I chatted to corgi Henry's owner, who said he met Tosh walking Mallow round the block, and a bag of poops greeted me at the door, waiting to be tidied away.

Yesterday Mallow was quite unsettled, seemed terribly thirsty and hungry, and didn't much like to be in his new cage, so we ended up throwing a blanket over it and I slept next to it with Claire on the armchair. He woke up at 2:30am so I took him out for a quick pee which he seemed to need, and after emptying his bladder we all went back to bed and fell asleep again until 5:30 when I left him with Tosh and took off for our usual run.

This morning I've washed his paws, doctored his ears and began brushing out his fur, which is all matted under the armpits and round his scrotum, but it's going to take some time to untease all the tangles in the nether regions, it is of course quite a tender process. He's quite happy to be combed though, and we've been getting him to go sit readily in his house time and again with various treats, and of course Claire shows him exactly how it's done, picture perfect model dog that she is. She's taking things in her stride, not too keen on his sniffing and let's play approach, either going into her cage for peace or up on the sofa, where she is again snoozing with Tosh, Mallow in his cage, and me here at the computer. All is well :)

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