Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mellow Mallow

There's no doubt about it, Mallow is mellow: he is such a friendly chap, and would love to play with Claire, but she will have none of it, and he is gentleman enough not to press the matter. I was out yesterday evening at a Christmas party, and got home just past nine, so the two dogs were home with Tosh, and he sent me some mail updates to let me know things were all ok, but that the doggies were waiting for me to come home :)

When i finally arrived I had bought horse tendons, and the two dogs set to with a vengeance. It took Mallow a very long time to chew it down, and he did a great job, chewing well and softening it to a whitish paste consistency before nibbling off bits, even taking it to bed with him. Claire has polishing things off down to a fine art and beat him to it, although with food it's the opposite, Mallow is faster. I cleaned his ears and fed him his antibiotics in a piece of cheese, and then it was time for bed after a quick look at the moon eclipse and a night cap garden pee for the doggies.

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