Sunday, December 25, 2011

Samurai Xmas

Happy Xmas, oh gentle readers. Mallow's Xmas was spent living up to his new name, Samurai Shogun Nobunaga: we went to the Bwood dogrun as I had forgotten the poop bag and toys there, and Nobu went wild, enjoying jousting and mudwrestling, chasing and play-biting, barking and sniffing galore, letting off steam.

I think his previous owner would get angry at him for barking and jumping at other dogs, finally hitting him, and I could see where it comes from, but today on our morning walk he is able to restrain the urge to play a bit, so obviously he needs to be taken to the dog run once or twice a week to let off steam. He seemed tireless in his exuberant male sportive warfare, a joyous Greek athlete, delighting in the rough play. When we got home Xmas evening before we went out for Xmas dinner, I gave him his first full body shampoo, and he has come up really soft and curly, slowly getting to be a balanced happy dog.

Meanwhile our darling Claire was lounging in the sun people-watching and doggie-watching, and ended up on my lap to keep me warm as we waited for Nobu to burn out. The amazing thing is, she seems to have learned how to play bow and tease a little, this morning on our walk she actually made some moves to play with Nobu, and they chased and ran a little together...nothing like the sport he needs, but a gesture of acceptance, for sure.

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