Friday, September 16, 2011


I can't count the hours I spent yesterday combing the burrs out of Claire's fine silky hair, which is a bit like mine, in that it matts and tangles easily, being so soft and fuzzy. Fortunately her coat is not too thick, so I set to with a doggie comb and work on her ears, then her silken forearms, downy chest fur and underarms, and finally brush out her slightly more springy tail. Nice and soothing after a mad run through the thickets and underbrush...

On a different note, there's a local Anipro doggie rescue event at Umi no Koen Park as part of the beach events near Hakkeijima Sea Paradise on Sunday 18th from 1300. Cain, the 3 year old setter who looks a tad like one of Claire's puppies (see my link) should be there- he's up for adoption, so if any of you reading are interested... I've been invited, so perhaps I'll be there with Claire if i can make it...

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