Monday, September 19, 2011

Jody and Purin Overnight Stay

We set out Friday lunch for Jody and Purin, a doggie hotel with dogruns, great French cuisine and Japanese baths (no baths in Woof, only the room unit bath). The owners and their golden retrievers meet you in the living room for evening yoghurt and a doggie chat, which was fun, although I was totally bloated from the generous portions of the delicious French full course meal and felt loath to leave our room again...Claire decided she'd rather flake out than join the action.
Evening Chat with the Owners
 and their golden retrievers Jody and Wolf
The hotel is an easy drive down the Tomei and one other expressway, and we arrived a little before the three o'clock check in time, so parked the car and headed for the dog run, a short walk down the hill from the hotel. The pictures speak for themselves: Claire scampered around, and when gunshots were fired somewhere down the hill (Manazuru's a hunting area) she cantered and pranced with great interest. When she got hot she jumped in the doggie pool with great relish, a joy to behold.
Claire on the go

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