Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exploring freedom

According to TrainPet.com, "English setters are a very active breed throughout their lives...They are very rambunctious and love to run outdoors.This dog needs to run free in a safe area (huge field with no roads close by or a large fenced area) every day. Long, brisk daily walks are absolutely necessary if runs are not an option." So here we are in Kuraki park exploring how to overcome the impediment of a 10m leash (obligatory in parks) to give Claire a modicum of freedom to RUN! without killing me in the process...:P Claire has begun to follow in my general direction when I call, overtaking me as she likes to run ahead foraying, so i've developed a feint and run method, whereby I let her choose at a fork in the path and then purposely choose the other one, calling her when she's gone almost the full length of the leash. This means she runs back and past me hell for leather, getting about 20m of all out dash before i peter out and have to slow down to catch my wind. Watch the video!

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