Sunday, September 4, 2011

Overnight Trip-Setting out

A golden retriever mama friend told us about a fantastic hotel near lake Yamanaka where you can stay with your dog and even go swimming in a doggie we booked an overnight stay Friday/Saturday (slightly cheaper rates for a room not facing Mount Fuji) and set out in spite of the typhoon weather. The morning we were supposed to leave, Yokohama weather was cloudy with slight drizzle, so we got quite a shock when we headed off the motorway at Gotemba into driving rain and gusty winds...through it all Claire slept like an angel in the back.

This snap doesn't do the rain got worse and worse, a drenching downpour, the lake was like the seashore with actual splashing waves from the wind, and we felt lucky to arrive safely as we peered through the windscreen looking for the hotel, which turned out to be very well designed, a large and welcoming facility with great parking and a roof to unload gear from the car without getting wet. Check out their website at (just don't faint at the price...) More pics and anecdotes in part two when the typhoon blows away and i finally get rid of these weather-related headaches ( I was popping painkillers and taking echinacea and goldenseal all weekend to try and keep things under control...).

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