Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Canine Heartworm Medication

Today is the day for Claire's monthly dose of canine heartworm medication-i feed her on the 27th of the month. She's on a course of Cardomec Heartguard Plus which uses Ivermectin to kill any microfilaria and worm larvae infection she may have in her bloodstream.  The best description of the infection I've found, the terrible damage it can do to the dog's lungs and life, and how to treat it, is here in Japanese provided by Chibawan if you're interested. Fortunately it's easy to prevent with regular medication, and because I'm hysterically paranoid of worms I make sure Claire gets her dose regular as clockwork. The chewy tablet goes down well along with other small treats: just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, in the most delightful way! (Mary Poppins). When times are stressful she gets a long chew on a kangaroo bone or a pig's ear to keep her occupied and relax her: no stress, no worms, good exercise, healthy kibble, careful grooming, oodles of love: happy dog!
Claire playing with my friend Mitsuko

A quote from Dr. Patricia McConnell's (2005)"For the love of a dog:understanding emotion in you and your best friend": Of all the animals on earth, few seem to express happiness and joy as well as a dog. A happy dog can't seem to contain his emotions within his own body; exuberance radiates off dogs like light from a sparkler.

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