Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Setter Rescue-Cain

On Sunday after a lazy morning we made our way to Umi no Koen in the debilitating heat to visit Cain and his foster mama Maki, who were participating in an Anipro event to save dogs in the Yokohama area from the gas chamber (actually the needle now, but it's much of a muchness). Tosh valiantly offered to queue in line to park the car, and I set off with Claire while he waited.It took us a while to find the enclosure, I got lost in the flea market crowds on the wrong side of the station, so I phoned Maki who kindly came to find me and we walked over together.
I was surprised that Cain, while being a male, was actually a lot smaller than Claire. Definitely his eyepatch is like Claire's, and he's a setter through and through, watching the hawks as they wheeled over the beach and pines. He nibbled at some treats I gave him, and we walked down to the water's edge so Tosh could easily find us, and Claire took a dip while Cain had a photo shoot- he's up for adoption, so let's hope he finds a good home soon-he's a real cutie! If you're interested check out my links :P

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