Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dog Hotel Woof

I love the architecture and design of the hotel: the beams in the restaurant, Le Chien Chaud, are designed to look like tree trunks, so the ambience is soft and relaxing. The candlelight was great too.

There are hooks in the floor to fasten the dogs, and Claire sat by the table to wait for her meal, venison hamburger and pumpkin pate. After doing her sit and wait training, she set to with a vengeance: the food was gone
in no time. The picture at the window was breakfast...slurp munch gobble yummmy! Unfortunately the human food, while pleasing to the eye, was not quite so pleasing to the palate, but the restaurant atmosphere and Claire's obvious enjoyment of her meal made up for it.
Claire spent the night in her wee bed we had brought from home, not allowed in the hotel beds, but she never clamored for extra attention that way. We had hired a crate, but we never left her alone in the room, so it was not really necessary. The hotel had no spa pool, but there was a bath in the room, and so we all slept like a log until the morning run, 5:30 in the rain...more blogging tomorrow.

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