Thursday, September 15, 2011

A walk in Yokohama Shinrin Park

I'm trying out the new blogger editing system in the hope that it will be easier to use...these pictures were taken after our visit to Forest Table Cafe, and we had an hour long walk under the trees, and only managed to loop round about half the park.
Claire staring at the underbrush, ready for more...she's dried out already after having jumped in the pond to chase the ducks, raced and roamed hither, thither and wonder i'm sitting down...
Claire is desperate to double back and get at the pond again...
Here I am flaked out with the action...Claire and I had a wonderful time. I'm definitely coming here again soon.

Kuraki Park Cherry: the park is the most beautiful spacious
area, reminding me of parks in the UK
Well, I've got used to the pictures thing, but I don't know how to write text inbetween pictures. Still I guess I'll get the hang of the new blogging format in time...

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