Thursday, September 22, 2011

Typhoon damage

 Went for a walk in Yokohama's Shinrin Park and was shocked to see how many trees had been uprooted by the typhoon winds...

Not just fallen dead branches, which were strewn everywhere and snagged on the leash as Claire gallivanted, but split trunks, as if snapped and uprooted by bands of crazy orcs:

There must have been ten or more giants down in various parts of the park, and the machine saws roared as park staff set to clearing up the fallen giants.

Fortunately where the crone rides, the great mother follows with seeds of new life in her lap, the autumn harvest resplendent in the midst of the cull.
Claire was approached by a one year old golden retriever running free, and we stopped to chat with the owner, who put her back on the leash...Claire always sits down to avoid being sniffed too invasively in her nether regions, and she's not too keen on other dogs, but she bore with it for the sake of being polite, plus she was tired from dashing all over the place. I'm so glad we took her out this morning, now as evening falls it's raining again and I can't take her for a healthy run.

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