Saturday, September 10, 2011

Therapy dog Claire

We took Claire to Granma's nursing home...Granma loves dogs, and Claire gives us a great topic of conversation, both during our visit and for Granma with her friends in the old people's home.
Dogs are not actually allowed inside the building, so while Tosh went to pick up granma I waited outside with Claire...and a whole group of old ladies came by on their sunny day afternoon walk around the premises, including, surprise surprise, Granma!

"Can I feed her?" asked one of Granma's friends breathless with anticipation..."Sure, if you don't mind getting slobbered on," I answered. "I love it when they lick my face, " she countered, "ooh I love all dogs"...everyone was all smiles, and Claire graciously slurped the treats from her hand. I've been thinking of adjectives to describe Claire in these situations...

Why are there no pink fonts to choose from? Claire is all heart!

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