Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dog Cafe Anjing

Saturday was a local day, and we went to Dog Cafe Anjing for supper. It's always intrigued me, but I never had the chance to drop in, what with our family being a cat family until this year. It's only open on Saturdays from lunch through the evening, and we walked over with Claire around six in the evening. The friendly owners explained "anjing" meant "dog" in Thai. Dog cafe Dog.

The owners have decorated it Bali style, and the music is like something out of Seikendensetsu in one of the woody scenes, weird and unusual and burbling in the background. They own two shorthaired dachshunds who were quite vocal, and another dachshund couple were there, so the four of them set up a rousing chorus which left Claire quite unfazed. I helped her climb up in the roomy wood chairs and we sipped drinks waiting for the garlic chicken we had ordered.
I wasn't too hungry, but the food was good home-cooked fare, with salad and rice. Claire enjoyed her doggie plate which was chicken with sweet potato, two of her favorites. Gone in a twinkling! It was fun to be able to drink once in a while, and I enjoyed the plum liqueur on the rocks immensely. A short walk home, and no shopping, cooking or washing up: heaven!

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