Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Forest Table Dog Cafe

We decided to take Claire for a walk in Yokohama's Shinrin Park, but we also wanted lunch, so we found Forest Table on the web. It doesn't seem to have a site of its own, but is mentioned in a date spot site among others.

We parked in the Shinrin Park Parking Area 2 and walked over. The pretty owner generously refunds 300 yen parking for orders over 2000yen.

I immediately began chirping with enthusiasm at the English garden style entrance flower beds, the Tokienesque woody decor, the attention to detail, and the warm welcoming ambience. The food was divine...
. T

The owner bakes the pumpkinseed rolls with dough imported from Germany. A joy to behold, a joy to eat. The basil dressing mozarella tomato croissant sandwich I had flooded me with the best memories of Europe, although perhaps the food there never was as good as this. This lady knows how to delight and nurture. The coffee...mmmm...aromatic, purrfect, a work of art, presented in beautiful mugs with brown and white sugar and cream, delicious, and the icecream...heavenly. Needless to say I am going there again soon.

Claire sat patiently under the table, intermittently lapping her bowl of water, and barked once at the delivery man bringing in a parcel, but the cafe mama was very understanding and put us at ease, saying that all the visitng dogs, big and small, barked at deliveries. Join me there for a ladies lunch, readers, friends and followers!

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