Friday, September 9, 2011

Responsible Dog Ownership

Claire did so well with Dodo sensei last week, so this week we proceeded to implementing the training in the local park...changing the venue makes it harder for the dog, and the park sure was more distracting.
Dodo sensei got out three traffic cones and I was to make Claire sit at the first, walk heel to the second and sit next to me, then wait while i walked round the third traffic cone and back to her, finally walking back to the start cone together to finish.

She'll sit nicely in front of me, but not next to me yet.
Dode sensei showed me the basic hand movements and modelled the sequence for sit, down, wait, and then here, Claire. I decided not to use come because I overuse that already: meaning come generally in this direction, not come right here to me so i can grab your collar, which is what here is supposed to mean. Towards the end of the session Claire got totally distracted by a man walking up through the park toward her beloved pigeon area, and started barking rufiously, probably also to relieve the stress of being such a good dog. And she is a good dog! So when we got home, I gave her a pig's ear (Asuku Japan Premium- no additives, 100% Japanese) to have a good chew on and relax. Well done, Claire!
Now we need to practice a bit in the garden, so we can build on it for next week. Just like any learning process, taking the class is only half the battle: you have to review, practice and practice some more to make it stick. I wonder what we're going to learn next week...

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