Monday, September 5, 2011

Doggie Gym Woof

When we arrived it was pouring with rain, so before trying out the pool we decided to run around a bit in the doggie gym...taking off our shoes and making a short dash through puddles and rain to get there was worth the effort, the windows and architecture were fantastic, and off leash Claire immediately credited the space with her seal of approval.
One of the aspects of the place I liked best was the awareness of doggie needs to poop and pee in what may not be the best spots from a humans point of view: at every corner there were tables with handy plastic poop bags, poop bins, absorbent sheets for pee, water spray and disinfectant, and a sticker to signal to staff where things had taken place. In effect, no need to get all anxious about Claire pooping in the gym. Fantastic.
We met another family with their collie, and played fetch together a bit...not that Claire likes fetch so much as having the ball thrown for her, and then just bounding after it. The dogs sat down for a treat after play, and then we decided to check out the pool...I'll blog that tomorrow...
We had another session in the gym after supper, using a different toy. Still raining, but Claire was having fun, and it was great to know the facilities for play and exercise were waiting even in the rain, so no need for foulies and mucky leads and all the rain-related hassle. Summer holiday! Luxury!

So here she is ready for bed, happily exhausted from all the new impressions and fun and games.

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