Thursday, September 8, 2011

The real me

On the Saturday morning around nine of our overnight trip Claire finally got to take advantage of a lull in the typhoon rain to check out the Woof dog runs...
It was beautiful to watch her go! She ran, taking the boundaries of the run, rimming the fencing to sniff the encroaching forest, enjoying her natural range at an urgent but nevertheless mellow pace far beyond my speeding feet, forward on the ground as I pottered after her at a distance in the morning drizzle.
To quote Mike Gaddis ("Zip Zap" on his dog Beda, p.26; p.52): "She was beautiful in her own right, buoyantly gaited and merry-going";"She was right on the beam, high and happy, and I could feel the rush in my chest as the exhilaration imploded...I sang to her, letting her know I was there."
From time to time from afar she would match the direction of my body as I called to her "Claire, kochi, don't go too far!", or pause for a moment to check I was nearby, and I was thrilled to realize all my morning walks have created a bond between us that is no longer a leash, but an invisible tie of warm understanding and mutual respect.
A new friend came out too, and we stood in the misty morning drizzle enjoying the rush of doggie freedom and companionship spirit.

"Stretching and stretching until she was a tiny white dot at the extremes, and we sat there spellbound ...watching every lick, while the power of her desire carried her farther and farther..." Gaddis (2006:p.88)

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