Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Catching the morning sun
We spent a glorious outing along the sea coast south of Yokohama exploring the beaches. This is Iwakaigan, a secluded beach nead Manazuru, sheltered from the influence of the typhoon passing by. Now the summer season is over, the beach was pretty deserted, but the parking area still cost 1500yen, and we didn't plan to stay long, so we parked at the side of the road. Even then, we landed two no parking flyers, but the area doesn't seem to have woken up to twenty minutes /100yen coin parking era. Claire and me had fun running in and out of the waves along the seashore, romping and scampering, before we took a quick wash down and headed back up the road to Hiratsuka.
It looks like the weather was perfect, only it wasn't really, intermittent showers, but we managed to be driving when it rained and catch the sun for the beach. The waves here were really quite scary, loads of surfers: we parked at Hanamizu Resthouse by the Lawson and walked along the beach chasing pigeons by the rolling surf. I was scared Claire would get dragged in by the waves, but she skipped and zipped, always teasingly along the shore beyond the waves, simply enjoying the workout running on sand darting after pigeons and crows.

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